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CHERG - Child Epidemiology Reference Group

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PLOS Medicine Collection
Measuring Coverage in Maternal, Newborn and Child Health

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New Findings, New Strategies and Recommendations for Action

Bryce J, Arnold F, Blanc A, Hancioglu A, Newby H, Requejo J, Wardlaw T and the CHERG Working Group on Improving Coverage Measurement

Measuring Coverage – Maternal and newborn health

Population HIV-free survival among children under 2 years of age in 4 African countries - the PEARL community survey

Stringer J, Stinson K, Tih PM, Giganti M, Ekouevi D, Creek TL, Welty TK, Chi BH, Wilfert C, Shaffer N, Stringer EM, Dabis F, Coetzee D

A validation study linking population survey derived coverage to maternal, newborn and child health care records in rural China

Liu L, Li M, Yang L, Ju L, Tan B, Walker N, Bryce J, Campbell H, Black RE, Guo Y

Testing the validity of women’s self-report of key maternal and newborn health Interventions during the peripartum period in Mozambique

Stanton CK, Rawlins B, Drake M, Anjos M, Cantor D, Chongo L, Chavane L, Vaz ML, Ricca J

Validating women’s self-report of emergency Cesarean sections in Ghana and the Dominican Republic

Tunçalp Ö, Stanton C, Castro A, Adanu RK, Heymann M, Adu-Bonsaffoh K, Lattof SR, Blanc A, Langer A

Indicators for Global Tracking of Newborn Care

Moran A, Kerber K, Sitrin D, Guenther T, Morrissey CS, Newby H, Fishel J, Yoder PS, Hill Z, Lawn JE

Measuring Coverage – Child health

Challenges in monitoring the proportion of young children with pneumonia who receive antibiotic treatment

Campbell H, El Arifeen S, Hazir T, O'Kelly JRH, Bryce J, Rudan I, Qazi S

Results from a prospective validation study in Pakistan and Bangladesh on measuring correct treatment of childhood pneumonia

Hazir T, Begum K, El Arifeen S, Khan AM, Huque MH, Kazmi N, Roy S, Abbasi S, Rahman QS, Theodoratou E, Khorshed MS, Rahman KM, Bari S, Kaisar MMI, Saha SK, Nawshad Uddin Ahmed ASM, Rudan I, Bryce J, Qazi SA, Campbell H

Accuracy of measuring diagnosis and treatment of childhood malaria from household surveys in Zambia

Eisele T, Silumbe K, Yukich J, Hamainza B, Keating J, Bennett A, Miller J

Design, Implementation and Interpretation Challenges Associated with Tracking Vaccination Coverage Using Household Surveys

Cutts FT, Izurieta H, Rhoda DA

Current indicators for measuring coverage of diarrhea treatment interventions and opportunities for improvement

Fischer Walker CL, Fontaine O, Black R

Evaluation of community-based treatment of childhood illnesses through household surveys

Hazel E, Requejo J, David J, Bryce J

Measuring Coverage - Methods

Tracking progress in health for women and children using DHS and MICS household surveys

Hancioglu A, Arnold F

Determining and interpreting inequalities in coverage of maternal, newborn and child health interventions

Barros AJD, Victora CG

Total survey error and the interpretation of intervention coverage estimates from household surveys

Eisele T, Rhoda DA, Cutts FT, Keating J, Ren R, Barros AJD, Arnold F

The challenges and opportunities of global monitoring

Requejo J, Newby H, Bryce J