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BMC Public Health: The Lives Saved Tool in 2013: new capabilities and applications, Volume 13 Supplement 3

BMC Public Health LiST Supplement 2011 

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Supported by another grant from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a tool for maternal and child health program planning has been developed.  This software tool, Lives Saved Tool (LiST) (formerly IMPACT), is used to estimate the impact (in lives saved) and cost of scaling up various interventions. The tool is designed so that a user can load in country-specific information on coverage of over 40 interventions and the causes of deaths by age for the country, along with other relevant background information about the particular country, such as rate of stunting, exposure to P. falciparum malaria, etc. The user can then build scenarios of different packages of expanded heath coverage. For each of these packages the model produces estimates of deaths averted and will produce estimates of costs.

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Methods and Expected Products

The most important work that will be done in this grant is to continue to add functions that support decision making at the country level. For example, the first costing component is being developed and estimates of causes of maternal deaths and effectiveness of interventions to reduce these deaths are being produced for incorporation into the LiST tool. CHERG will also support the development of a web-based version of the tool for less in-depth analyses of the costs and impact of scaling up interventions.  We assume that this tool will be used to help develop advocacy pieces by answering questions such as “How many lives could be saved if we provided an additional one million dollars for vaccines in the Congo?” 

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Intervention Effect Estimate Summaries

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BMC Public Health LiST Supplement (2011) Now Online 

Special International Journal of Epidemiology Supplement (2010) on the development and use of the Lives Saved Tool (LiST).

New LiST Interactive Training Tool Now Online

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