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Measuring Coverage in
Maternal, Newborn and Child Health

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Agenda and Presentations May 7, 2013

Featured Speakers
Elizabeth Fox, Director, Office of Health, Infectious Disease and Nutrition, USAID
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Mariam Claeson, Deputy Director, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, Family Health, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Watch VideoJocalyn Clark, Senior Magazine Editor, PLOS Medicine
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The PLOS Med Coverage Collection: Introduction and overview
Jennifer Bryce, JHSPH
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Measuring MNCH intervention coverage through household surveys: The state of the art
Fred Arnold, ICF International
Attila Hancioglu, UNICEF
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Sample Findings 1: Measuring coverage for treatment of childhood pneumonia
Harry Campbell, University of Edinburgh
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Sample Findings 2: Diagnosis and treatment of childhood malaria, Zambia
Thomas Eisele, Tulane University
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Sample Findings 3: Interventions delivered around the time of birth, Mozambique
Jim Ricca, MCHIP
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Summary and action implications
Tessa Wardlaw, Assistant Director, Statistics and Monitoring Unit, UNICEF
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