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ColonBroom is supposed to be a healthy and safe alternative to relieve constipation in a natural way. At the same time, the combination of purely natural ingredients is said to have an essential effect on metabolism and detoxification. Constipation is one of the most common digestive problems of our time. The reason for this is often various external factors such as a diet low in fibre or excessive stress.

Instead of burdening the body with various chemical additives, however, users of the novel supplement Colon Broom should not only be able to alleviate existing digestive problems, but also to preventively improve intestinal health. In the interest of our readers, we took a closer look at the food supplement and conducted a detailed test of ColonBroom. 


What is ColonBroom?

What is ColonBroom

Solving constipation in a natural, healthy and above all easy way – that is the promise of the manufacturer. According to this, ColonBroom is a special dietary supplement that is offered in powder form. The tasty preparation contains special ingredients that are rich in dietary fibre and probiotics. In this way, the health of the intestinal flora can be improved by taking the supplement, so that any complaints such as constipation or flatulence can be effectively treated.

However, the supplement is not only intended to help users with digestive problems, but also to support desired weight loss results. After all, the intestines in particular play a decisive role in losing weight.

The combination of the various natural ColonBroom ingredients also ensures improved detoxification of the body, so that toxins and co. can be transported out of the organism more easily. In addition to improved digestion and intestinal health, the manufacturer promises an increased sense of well-being and more vitality when taken regularly. 

For whom would the intake make sense?

According to the manufacturer, ColonBroom should primarily have a lasting effect on digestion and intestinal flora. Due to the fibre-rich ingredients, constipation and flatulence can be treated primarily in this way, so that users can benefit from an improved quality of life. However, since we do not want to rely completely on the manufacturer's statements, we subjected the preparation to a self-test. But more about that later.

Practical test – We put ColonBroom to the test

ColonBroom test review

Now we would like to present the results of our ColonBroom test. We conducted the test together with a volunteer who had been suffering from persistent constipation and a bloated belly for many months. Our tester Luisa (45 years old) described the discomfort as very distressing and on some days her quality of life was severely restricted.

Week 1 → Getting started: Improvement

For optimal effectiveness, ColonBroom should always be taken according to the recommended intake. For this reason, we asked Luisa to stir the powder into a glass of water and drink it every day. Afterwards, another glass of water should be drunk. There was nothing else to observe in terms of intake, so we could start our test straight away.

Week 2 → The first check-up:Improvement

According to our test person, she was able to observe a clear improvement in her digestion after just a few days of taking ColonBroom for the first time. Although the manufacturer promised that the effect would start within a maximum of 72 hours after the first intake, the active ingredients contained in the product are absorbed differently by each user, so that time delays are possible with regard to the onset of the effect.

Week 3 → Our interim status:Improvement

By the third week of use, our test person's digestion had already improved significantly thanks to ColonBroom, so that she was also able to notice a slight weight loss of two kilograms. In addition, Luisa's vitality and well-being had also improved significantly in the last few days. She also described the intake as very pleasant and could not detect any side effects.

Week 4 → The conclusion of our practical test:Improvement

At the end of our ColonBroom test, Luisa was more than thrilled. By taking it regularly, our test person was not only able to significantly alleviate the existing complaints (constipation and bloated belly), but also improve her digestion in general. As a small highlight, she lost weight and felt much better in her body.


Are there any ColonBroom experiences or customer reviews?

Surprisingly, we were already able to find numerous ColonBroom experiences during our research. Most customers describe the powder as highly effective and well tolerated. According to this, regular intake can treat constipation and flatulence in particular naturally without burdening the body with additional harmful substances.

Many Colon Broom testimonials come from people who have been suffering from digestive problems for years and have not found any help. With the help of the powder, these women and men were not only able to alleviate the existing symptoms, but also regain some quality of life.

But the price-performance ratio of the manufacturer is also rated very positively by the customers. As can be read from the ColonBroom testimonials, the preparation is quite affordable from the customer's point of view and is often characterised by a rapid onset of action

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 from AnneM
January the 24th 2023
ColonBroom has brought enormous relief into my life. Due to digestive problems, I had a constant feeling of fullness, I was always struggling with flatulence and often had unpleasant stomach pains as a result. All that is now a thing of the past and the powder is now an integral part of my daily dietary supplements.
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Mary Frost Top product! ColonBroom has convinced me all around, not only a super price-performance ratio, but also a top effect! Since taking it, my digestion has been running like clockwork! Great!
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ColonBroom review customer experience experiences ColonBroom

Is there a test report from Stiftung Warentest?

The preparation originates from the USA and has only been sold on the internet for some time. Accordingly, we could not find any test results on the powder during our research. The independent consumer organisation does not seem to have dealt with this supplement yet either. Our search for ColonBroom Stiftung Warentest did not yield any results either.   

Are there any other official tests and studies on ColonBroom?

As already mentioned, the supplement has only been available in Germany for a short time. Accordingly, no results from independent tests and studies on ColonBroom can be found yet. 

How to take ColonBroom and the dosage

Basically, taking ColonBroom is very simple. A measuring spoon is contained in the powder can. One spoonful is dissolved in a glass of water at the beginning of the intake. The resulting drink is characterised by a delicious strawberry flavour, so that ColonBroom intake is described by most customers as very easy and pleasant.

One glass of the powder should be drunk per day. In order to optimise digestion, another glass of water should be drunk afterwards. In the further course of intake, the daily dose can be increased to two glasses of ColonBroom. Users should also make sure not to take the product before going to bed, as the ingredients contained in the product stimulate intestinal activity. Otherwise, the manufacturer recommends taking it 30 to 60 minutes before a meal.  

Effect and onset of action

Especially in cases of constipation or persistent flatulence, those affected want effective help. According to the manufacturer, users should also be able to benefit from a quick ColonBroom effect. This is because the onset of action and thus a noticeable improvement can usually be observed within 24 to 72 hours. In some cases, however, the effect may be somewhat delayed. This is due, among other things, to the fact that the ingredients contained in the product are absorbed by the body at different rates. 

ColonBroom ingredients and composition

ColonBroom ingredients and composition

The ColonBroom content is made up of various fibre-rich ingredients, all of which are of natural origin. First and foremost, digestion and intestines are positively supported by this composition, so that especially flatulence and constipation can be treated.

However, the supplement also has a preventive effect so that, among other things, intestinal health is supported in the long term. This is due to the special ColonBroom ingredients:

Psyllium husks: This special ingredient has been used for centuries to regulate digestion in a natural way. As psyllium husks are very rich in fibre, digestion can be stimulated naturally, while existing complaints such as constipation can also be solved quickly and sustainably.  

Lemons: Various lemon components are used in the ColonBroom powder itself. Among other things, crystallised lemon and citric acid. The lemon itself not only has a lasting effect on the intestines and digestion, but also strengthens the immune system, while at the same time optimising the detoxification of the body. 

Silicon dioxide: Also an important active ingredient in the fight against various digestive complaints, which has been used successfully for many years. In addition to alleviating existing complaints, this ingredient is especially important for maintaining and promoting intestinal health. 

Sea salt: This ColonBroom ingredient is primarily intended to support the cleansing of the digestive tract, as detoxification, among other things, can benefit from the action of sea salt.  

Possible side effects and risks

The preparation has a purely natural combination of active ingredients. Accordingly, ColonBroom side effects are rather rare. In most cases, undesirable accompanying symptoms occur if certain ingredients of the powder are not tolerated. In the interest of your own health and to avoid side effects, this should be checked before taking the powder for the first time. 

Where can I buy ColonBroom? Amazon, eBay, Pharmacy

Despite the fantastic mode of action and good tolerability, you cannot buy ColonBroom in pharmacies or drugstores. According to our research, the supplement is only sold on the internet. But even on the internet, the options for ordering are limited. We could only find the powder on the manufacturer's sales page.

What price is offered?

For one can, which is enough for 60 servings, you currently have to pay a ColonBroom price of 58.99 euros. However, if you intend to take the preparation over a longer period of time, the manufacturer's subscription may be worthwhile. With this, customers receive a new can of the powder every month and also pay a subscription price of 49.99 euros. In the long run, this subscription can save a lot of money. 

The advantages of ColonBroom

It is estimated that several million people across te world regularly suffer from constipation and flatulence. Both symptoms are often due to a sluggish bowel. Colon Broom helps users to mobilise the intestines and thus also the digestion, so that regular bowel movements can occur. But the tasty powder offers users even more advantages.

The intestines can be optimally protected, while at the same time the entire digestive system is sustainably optimised. This results in an improved metabolism, which makes it easier to lose weight. In addition, regular use of ColonBroom improves well-being and vitality. Most users feel more energetic and more comfortable in their own bodies. 

Frequently asked questions

With ColonBroom, the manufacturer has brought a natural and at the same time safe preparation onto the market to sustainably improve and support intestinal health. We have summarised all the important facts about the powder below.

Can ColonBroom also be taken as a preventive measure?

Definitely yes. Colon Broom is not only suitable for treating constipation and flatulence. The highly effective combination of active ingredients has a positive effect on intestinal health. In addition, metabolism, immune system and detoxification can be sustainably improved.

How often should I take Colon Broom?

In the beginning, users should drink one glass of ColonBroom powder per day. As a rule, the effect sets in very quickly. In the course of continuous intake, the dosage can then be increased to two glasses daily. In order for the ingredients contained to develop their full effect in the intestines, a glass of water should be drunk after each intake.

Is there a ColonBroom voucher?

We could not find a special voucher for the preparation. However, the special Colon Broom powder is offered by the manufacturer in various savings offers. With these and the subscription, savings of 15 percent and more can be achieved.

Should I adjust my diet while taking Colon Broom?

Basically, users do not have to do anything during ColonBroom intake other than make sure that the powder is taken regularly. However, more dietary fibres and prebiotics can be integrated into the diet to support this.

How long do I have to wait for my delivery of ColonBroom Germany?

In most cases, delivery takes no longer than eight working days. In our test, the Colon Broom powder arrived after only four working days. The delivery time is also rated positively by other customers. In addition, every order can be tracked with the help of the tracking number.

ColonBroom review

Our ColonBroom conclusion? In our self-test, the product convinced us with its promised effectiveness, so that we can recommend it especially to people with constipation and flatulence. Due to the natural combination of active ingredients, it can also be taken as a preventive measure to improve intestinal health and prevent sluggish bowels.

In addition to a regulated digestion, users also benefit from an improved metabolism and immune system, as well as an optimal detoxification of the body. All in all, the powder is an effective supplement and therefore ColonBroom gets full marks.

Julia Kaufmann
Julia is 34 years old and has studied nutritional sciences. She specializes in nutrition, health and fitness. To this end, she passionately analyzes the new trends in nutritional supplements, evaluates them under the strictest regulations and does her best to help other people feel better about life.


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